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What is Medsimple?

Medsimple is a training provider for students pursuing a career in Medicine. We offer medicine personal statement, UCAT, medical interview and tuition services. Our vision is to produce evidence-based resources for students whilst widening access via our bursary scheme. We are supported by both Santander and University of Southampton Student Enterprise.

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Company History

    • Further Santander funding
    • Use of Medsimple resources as a member of the Medicine: ‘Ask the Expert’ team
    • Delivery of school programmes
    • Official launch of services
    • Santander and University of Southampton Student Enterprise  funding
    • Medsimple presentation to the Vice Chancellor and university staff
    • Continuous resource production with product validation testing
    • Medsimple idea conceived
    • Curation of resources with product validation testing

Our Ethos

Our Values

  • Adhering to the highest professional standards Helping students fulfil their full potential
  • Creating an immersive, dynamic and interesting learning environment
  • Equipping our students with the toolkit needed to succeed in their endeavours

Our Mission

  • Help you be amongst the 40% of success ful medical school applicants
  • Widen access into Medicine with our inspire, empower and support scheme and available bursaries
  • Provide you with role models who will inspire you to ‘dare to dream’

Medical School

  • Make your medical school application process stress-free and enjoyable
  • Ensure students make an informed decision on their medical school selection
  • Inspire students to leverage the opportunities available at medical school

Meet the Founder

Uyiosa is an award-winning medical student and the founder of Medsimple. Her arduous journey into Medicine coupled with the shocking 3% statistic and her interest in entrepreneurship led to the curation of Medsimple. Uyiosa is extremely passionate about inspiring young people, raising aspirations and widening access into the medical profession.

Alongside her studies, Uyiosa has interviewed on behalf of medical schools, delivered numerous school workshops, provided resources for higher education institutions and is a member of the Medicine ‘Ask the Expert’ team. She has also been featured in BBC and Santander.

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