Studying in the UK?

Are you a student from abroad wishing to study Medicine in the UK?

Application process

For all students wishing to study in the UK, all applications must be submitted through the UCAS website. As of February 2020, the application fee is £20 for a single choice or £25 for multiple courses and applications – please check the UCAS website for updates. The Medicine course deadline is earlier than other courses and tends to be in October.

Please note when applying for Medicine, you can only apply to a maximum of 4 medical schools with the 5th choice being a different degree due to the increased competitiveness of Medicine. Students can either submit the same personal statement for their 5th choice or submit a new personal statement.

In the UK, there are 3 stages which all prospective medical students undergo:

  • 1st stage: Personal statement submission
  • 2nd stage: Medicine entrance exam – UCAT/BMAT
  • 3rd stage: Interview – Traditional/MMI (multiple mini interview)

We support prospective medical students from the start of the admissions process to the end – services

Studying outside the UK?

Are you a student in the UK wishing to study abroad?

At Medsimple, our team have experience applying to study Medicine abroad. Each country has their own unique admissions process; if you are interested in studying aboard contact us for a consultation session with our application advisors.

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