Online Courses

Online Courses

Our UCAT online course is the first learning platform of its kind. It provides access to exclusive UCAT exam modules, questions whilst providing instant feedback and recommendations, all from the comfort of your own room.


– Curated by the top 10% of students in the country with 700+ questions

– The online learning platform breaks the UCAT exam beyond its 5 components

– Each component of the exam is divided into modules, so you can improve your skillset within each micro-unit, leading to an exponential boost to your overall score.

– The modules explain the theory and advise you on ways to approach each question type.

– Be in charge of your learning by tracking your progress and using our personalised recommendations

– Gone are the days of trial and error with question and answer – we equip you!

UCAT Online – 2 Months


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Interview Online – 1 Month


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