Choosing a Medical School

Choosing a Medical School

A-Level students always ask us: ‘how did you pick your medical school as they are so many?’ Choosing the right medical school for you is crucial as you will be there for a considerable amount of time. It is important that you take time to research each of the universities prior to making your decision and selecting your top 4.

At MedSimple, our advice to you is to first of all decide whether you would like to embark on the 5-year programme or the 6. The difference between the programmes is that for the 5-year course an intercalated year is optional whereas on the 6-year course it is compulsory. An intercalated year allows you to study a particular area of interest in depth in one year and will result in the receipt of an additional qualification.

Another factor is the entrance exam for entry into the university; the UKCAT or BMAT. Some students study for both exams whereas others study for one and therefore apply to universities which accept that exam. If you do not want to study for both exams, choose the exam which is centred more on your strengths and you will more likely do well in it. So, if you choose to sit only the UKCAT exam then you can apply to universities which only accept the UKCAT.

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The course structure is a deciding factor for some as some universities allow patient contact from the first year, whereas, others do not until you reach the clinical years of the programme which is year 3 at most universities.

Lastly, the good ‘old miles. How far are you willing to move away? Some people do not wish to move to far so that they can pop back in for food and to have their laundry done. By deciding how far you are willing to move and travel you will hopefully be able to narrow down the list of universities.

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